Charles Monnier

Growing up in Paris, France I was involved in your typical European sports (soccer, rugby, tennis). I took to soccer from an early age, and played for youth teams in Paris , and eventually high school and college in the U.S.  Moving to Alabama in 1993 at age 13 I was exposed to American sports, and fitness. It was such an important part of American society, and I knew nothing of it, so I knew I had to step it up a notch. I was a skinny kid with no muscle except maybe in my calves from running so much, and was going through an awkward growth spurt. I tried Football in high school, but soon went back to playing soccer. After college in Savannah, GA, I moved up to Boston, MA. Long winters in Boston introduced me to the gym culture. I would spend hours on end walking aimlessly around the gym trying to get in shape with no clear success or motivation. I eventually moved back to Montgomery, Al where i was introduced to CrossFit.  Still not knowing what a WOD was, I decided to eventually give in. I was hooked like many after my first WOD. My love and respect for CrossFit runs deep. It’s not only the rush, and excitement of the workouts themselves, but all the bonuses that come with the sport of fitness.  I have gotten into the best shape of my life through commitment, and motivation from other members, and trainers. Soon after receiving my Level I CrossFit trainer certificate I started to contemplate the idea of owning my own CrossFit box . I gave it much thought and could not think of a better way to get daily gratification while helping others get in the best physical shape of their lives.  As owner and trainer at Guns Out CrossFit I love giving back what was given to me early on. I love motivating and training fellow crossfitters, and the enthusiasm and drive I get back is very fulfilling. I’ve made friends that i hope to keep for the rest of my life. Everyday is rewarding not only as owner and head trainer of Guns Out CrossFit , but also as a member of my Guns Out family.




Clint Bryant

I discovered Crossfit on 01 April 2013; my wife (Jenna) and I joined to hopefully better our physical well-being since nothing else worked.  Learning the basics of each movement and then cranking up the intensity made sense to me and I fell in love.  What kept us was the fact that the coaches cared, sincerely wanted to see success, and held us accountable for keeping standards and giving each WOD the intensity it required to get better.  Since that day I have tried soaking up all the information I can about Crossfit, the movements, nutrition, programming, etc. so I could be half as good a coach as the ones that pushed me to where I am today.  I truly love see people succeed, doing things they couldn’t do yesterday, pushing themselves harder than they ever thought, and attaining PRs they never thought they would.  More important than even physical well-being, I love helping with spiritual fitness; pointing people to Christ and fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).


Just remember when the WOD gets tough, the week is hard, or life just plain sucks:

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?…No in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Romans 8:31, 37





kristina before after september 2014

Kristina Boddie

I’ve been a crossfitter my whole life. Well, not literally, but let me explain. I started the sport of CrossFit in April 2013. What I discovered is that CrossFit is made up of people who constantly encourage you to overcome your fears and step out of your comfort zone to do something that makes you feel really good about yourself. Also CrossFit fulfills that competitive edge that is embedded into my DNA! So since I’ve always been an encourager to  people, and I’ve always been competitive in life and athletics, I feel that I have always had the CrossFit spirit, I just didn’t have the vehicle to bring the two together. CrossFit is my vehicle to encourage people and to compete against myself to become a better version of me. An added bonus is that I get to work out with my husband who is also my best friend and partner in crime and I get to encourage him and watch him grow as well. Here is my story in a nutshell…


I was born and raised right here in Montgomery, AL. I have always been athletic. I began playing softball at 5 and played competitively though college. Today I still play at a somewhat competitive level. Growing up I didn’t have to work very hard to stay fit because I was so active. But then life happened and in 2007 I gave birth to a beautiful blue eyed angel. After having my little girl I remained more out of shape than I would like to admit, but I stilled played sports and I used that as an excuse that I was ok. However I had reached a point of disgust. So in 2011 I discovered Advocare and started taking products. I immediately felt a change. Over about a year and a half I went from a size 10 to a size 2 and had more energy than ever and I just felt really good and healthy. Becoming healthy again woke up a new passion inside me. Because of that I encourage my friends, family and even strangers to be open minded to things that are unfamiliar to them, much like Advocare and CrossFit were to me.

CrossFit was very unfamiliar to me. It was out of my comfort zone and I was a little nervous and intimidated because I didn’t know I could do any of those amazing things that I saw others doing,  in that thing they called a “box.” But when I finally did step into a box in April 2013 I knew I had found the thing that would allow me to be me… Today, coaching brings great joy to my life. That is why I continue to wake up almost every day and go to CrossFit… Because at our box we all help to encourage others, and help them do things that they previously thought they couldn’t do. And it is so worth it to see the smile on someone’s face when they do something that they thought was impossible. That is why I CrossFit.